Qalchek Pty Limited

Water Services Coordinator

Qalchek is an accredited Sydney Water, Water Services Coordinator. The basic role of the Water Services Coordinator (W.S.C.) is to liase between developers, 
design companies and Sydney Water.
This includes:
  • Explaining and providing information to developers about Sydney Water Policies and Section 73 requirements and how these requirements will affect their developments.
  • Prepare and lodge Section 73 Applications direct to Sydney Water. Please note with the introduction of the W.S.C. Sydney Water Applications now must be lodged electronically.
  • Prepare and lodge Sewer and Water designs direct to Sydney Water for approval.
  • Prepare and lodge final Project Management documentation to Sydney water.
Section 73 requirements
Section 73 applications are required by all developers who have obtained a Council Development Consent. These consents include, Boundary adjustments, Strata Title, Dual Occupancy, Community Title & Torrens Title Subdivisions. Applications are also required for industrial and Commercial developments.
Section 73 applications are required by Sydney Water to determine if the proposed development will meet Sydney Water servicing requirements. These services include Water/Recycled Water & Sewer. If Sydney Water feels that adequate services are not provided, Sydney Water will request the developer to extend the services to a suitable location. This will be determined by Sydney Water and your designer.
Applications should be made through Qalchek Office. Qalchek will assist you in providing the correct information to Sydney Water with your application. Please note the application now must be submitted electronically.
Sydney Water generally take 6 weeks to process and determine the requirements of Section 73 applications.